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The Contel Club was founded way back in 1990 by the "Gang of Seven," who were all former VPs of Contel. Today, we publish a newsletter four times a year.

This site is for "web-enabled ExCons" who are looking to contact each other over the Information Superhighway and stay abreast on ExCon special events, activities, and other facts of interest.

There are many ExCons listed on the Members page, and we want you listed, too! Also, don't forget to join the Contel Club and get the great Newsletter with all the latest Contel scoop!

Members listed on the Contel Web Site and members of the Contel club who subscribe to the Newsletter are two different groups; however, many ExCons will be found on both.

If you wish to get in touch with the Administrator for this site, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Dennis Perkinson

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Contel Club Founders

Left-to-Right: Don Brooks, George Atmore, Vern Chesbro, Jim Carroll,
Don Pitts, Bill Friedman, Bob Abrams